Organic and local SEO are two different types of search engine optimization.

Positive Reviews


They separate the good from the great, and help move your business higher in local search.


The most important step in acquiring more reviews is to establish a reputation on the review sites.


It’s important to respond to these reviews, which shows that you care about your customers.

Google states

Google states that reviews make up 8.4% of its local search ranking factors. Studies show that people use reviews to make decisions about local businesses. This will improve your ratings and build your business’ confidence. Using a review management tool like Podium can help you manage your reviews and increase them over time.

more reviews

Getting more reviews is one of the top 10 local SEO ranking factors.

business climb

It can help your business climb the rankings and push it over the top.

considers reviews f

Google considers reviews from authoritative websites as votes, giving them more weight.


However, it’s important to prepare for this kind of chaos, as it can impact your SEO.

Bright Local

One study by Bright Local showed that 80% of people would be willing to leave a positive review if a negative experience turned into a positive one. As a result, you should respond to every review with patience and courtesy.


Google’s algorithm aims to connect users with the most relevant answer, and it grades websites based on their “authority” or “credibility.” Review signals play an important role in this process. Getting more positive reviews on Google is a simple but effective method for improving your ranking in local search. This strategy involves identifying your business’s unique selling points and implementing a variety of tactics, including increasing the number of reviews. 


One of the most effective is increasing the number of positive reviews on your website.


Adding as many as possible will help your business stand out among other businesses.

be accomplished

This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Another way to improve your Google ranking is to create an excellent local content marketing plan. This plan will make your website more search engine-friendly, which will help your website get to the top of local search results on Google.


The plan should ensure that the content on your site is updated regularly,  and will promote internal linking.